We appreciate that when the time comes when you need to consider a nursing home it can be fraught with anxiety, even when the family member is agreeable to the move.

If you are reading this then it is likely that you, or an elderly relative, is in just such a position. We here at Leonard Pulham Nursing Home understand that this can be a very difficult and emotional time for everyone concerned. It may be that you are considering the options for someone who is not yet ready to make the transition or that your family member is in hospital and in urgent need of nursing care. Whatever your circumstance we would like to think that, having looked at all the options available, you are reassured that you have made the right decision.

It often helps to know that other people are, or have been, in the same position as yourself. Below are just a small sample of the heartfelt expressions of gratitude for the care we have provided over the years.

*names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality