About Us

Our experienced Home Manager leads the highly trained team of staff, who provide twenty-four hour nursing care. This includes specific care for all physical disabilities, as well as end-of-life/palliative care. Local doctors visit the home weekly and specialist medical advice is always available.

There is an Executive Committee, which is responsible for the governance and management of the nursing home. The members are all volunteers and bring skills and experience to the Committee in the fields of medicine, finance, human resources, chartered surveying, teaching and the law.

The Leonard Pulham Nursing Home is owned and managed by The Abbeyfield Buckinghamshire Society which has independent charitable status and is affiliated to the Abbeyfield Society.  Abbeyfield is a charity dedicated to making the lives of older people more fulfilling, by giving them the time and respect they deserve. The charity helps people live as independently as possible by providing a range of services, all of which are linked to the local community. Abbeyfield has been a charitable housing organisation for nearly 60 years.

Please visit Abbeyfield.com for further information about the charity.


RAF Benevolent Fund

We have had a long association with the RAF Benevolent Fund. If you feel you may be eligible for assistance from the RAF Benevolent Fund, we will be happy to provide the contact details.

Abbeyfield Gold Star

The Abbeyfield Gold Star is our quality standard. It enables us to show how we practice our ethos and enhance the quality of life for older people. It aims to ensure that all supported houses and care homes demonstrate good standards across six key areas.

There are six “charters” which set out the outcomes from the Gold Star covers. These are Residents, Volunteers, Staff, Leadership, My Home and Marketing. These outcomes must be achieved to be awarded the Gold Star.

All houses and homes in the UK have been involved with the Gold Star validation process. Many have achieved the recognition, which in the case of the Leonard Pulham Nursing Home is valid until 31st December 2015.